Who is a member?

ASAPU member is a qualified Secretary/Administrative Assistant; but most importantly with ethical behavior. The association is relevant to members due to the increased challenges and demands from modern technology, instant communication and required standard worldwide.

Membership of ASAPU include the following qualified personnel: Executive Secretaries/Assistants, Office managers, Personal Assistants, Receptionists/Frontline Officers among others.

Benefit as an individual member of ASAPU;

  • Networking with other members in ensuring that a qualified administrative professional is vital in the business industry.
  • Expansion of Curriculum Vita to show that one regards the occupation as a profession
  • Sharing mutual experiences, ideas, and views with others in your profession and how they have managed to climb ladders.
  • Connect with other members who are experts in other fields.
  • Sensitizing Administrative Assistants on how they can stabilize financially as a tool to perfect their performance; this is attained through arrangements of entrepreneurial workshops.
  • Being competitive in every opportunity that may arise within and outside the organization.

Benefit for an employer who registers staff to ASAPU;

  • Administrative Professionals will be better equipped to contribute more effectively to the organization.
  • Creates open communication between management and administration, producing better work relations for achievement of targets set, hence Results Oriented culture.
  • Through networking and interactions, members gain experience that builds their confidence and teamwork skills.
  • Be professional front-line ambassadors, of their employers. Having knowledgeable and skilled cadres among staff who reflect well on business or service.
  • It also builds confidence, self-esteem for promotion of the organizational image through customer relations, integrity, trust and hard work.
  • Rebranding and correcting the negative perception about Secretaries /Administrative professionals which facilitates increased delegation as the administrative staff will be viewed as capable managers.
  • The employer will gain from the increased productivity hence meet demands by practicing modern technology, effective and efficient communication as well as other advanced competencies in world market.