We raise Professional standards of Administrative practitioners through continuing education and personal development, and promote the attainment of high standards of administrative performance. We facilitate and encourage continuing professional development of secretaries and administrative professionals to enable them to make a maximum contribution in their field of activity.

We liaise with government, the media, the business, and education community to promote an understanding of the training, experience and career opportunities necessary for development of its members.

We offer guidance and service on all aspects of administrative work.

We provide opportunities for a free exchange of ideas, opinions, practices, and experiences with Associations and bodies with similar and related objectives through conferences, meetings, seminars, publications, and educational materials.

We offers technical input to the recruitment of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals at the Ministry of Public Service and other government ministries/ agencies as well as private sector. We conduct tailor-made Secretarial and Administrative trainings for specific Ministries/Institutions according to their area of need.

Mission Statement for Planning and Fund Raising Executive Function- by Mr. James Waluye Nabala.

To ensure that all activities of ASAPU are planned for in the right time and also enable effective fund raising of resources for the association through membership contributions and partnering with other institutions and organizations.